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4 Stars henry taiwan 15-Dec-2014 nice
5 Stars Song Singapore 14-Dec-2014 This is my third purchase from AVT. As usual, everything about AVT is Excellent! From Sales person to product, pricing and shipping. Keep it up!
5 Stars Chris Australia 13-Dec-2014 Great customer service. I had some questions and re-routed the shipping address post order placement and all requests were happily met.
5 Stars Michael USA 13-Dec-2014 Excellent selection of the best bicycle parts. Bought "Wound Up" carbon forks in a variation only found through AVT. As a builder, they are a mainstay source of the icing on the cake type stuff.
5 Stars Charles Peoria Airzona, USA 12-Dec-2014 Great service and price for Chris King and other quality accessories. The assistant I speak with is always very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. ATV is a real pleasure to procure parts and they go the time to make sure your order is completely satisfactory. They do help a cyclist to have "Happy Riding." :)
5 Stars Ray Hong Kong 12-Dec-2014 Great price and super fast shipping. Will definitely order from at again.
5 Stars Jesse United States 12-Dec-2014 A solid internet store. Good communications by email.
5 Stars Shona Uk 12-Dec-2014 Great service, super fast delivery, exceeded expectations.
5 Stars Al U.S. 12-Dec-2014 Your staff was very helpful and I received my order quickly. Thanks for the good service.
5 Stars Jeroen Netherlands 12-Dec-2014 As always a solid and timely delivered transaction with the good people of AVT.
5 Stars David USA 12-Dec-2014 Great people to deal with. Fast shipping, great prices, and some unusual items.
5 Stars Ken USA 11-Dec-2014 Great mirror! It doesn't vibrate or move and provides great vision of the road behind you.
5 Stars Tom US 10-Dec-2014 King cages are great. Love the Iris style. Have them on two different bikes and never had a problem.
5 Stars m usa 08-Dec-2014 Great! love the products and speedy delivery and good packaging-
5 Stars matt france 07-Dec-2014 great service, web site easy to use, find what you want instantly.
quick dispatch. Couldnt ask for more
5 Stars Eddie Australia 07-Dec-2014 Personal, fantastic service. Better than my local bike store. Highly recommended.
5 Stars Stefano Italy 06-Dec-2014 Best shop ever, great communication, fast and tracked shipping, perfect objects !
5 Stars Jonathan UAE 06-Dec-2014 great customer service, they will keep you informed and fast replies on your queries
5 Stars Joe   06-Dec-2014 Chris King BMX headset, exactly what I needed. If I need another one, I know where to come.
5 Stars Mike USA 06-Dec-2014 Had to exchange a set of skewers for different type that cost less. A no- fuss return and refund for the difference was near-immediate. I hate being a picky pain in the a-- but was apparently was not a problem. I will continue to buy my parts from AVT when I can.
5 Stars Alan USA 06-Dec-2014 You guys are the best.Your customer service is excellent! I look forward to dealing with AT in the future.
5 Stars lorri us. 06-Dec-2014 They have the best stem I have ever seen its like art work. I got it in 3 days. I will be shopping there soon for parts. thank you!
5 Stars frank belgium europe 06-Dec-2014 Quick and Fast delivering to belgium!
5 Stars Layne Canada 03-Dec-2014 Purchased the AVT 32mm compression plug for my 22mm ID carbon steerer. I am happy with the product, but the aluminum grade used for the compression bolt is soft. wouldn't be a bad idea to sell the plug with a packet of carbon paste also. I will for sure order from AVT again, but I will exercise my shipping options. I had to wait two weeks for it to arrive with the basic USPS service.
5 Stars andrew Australia 01-Dec-2014 Excellent no fuss service. Quick dleivery to Australia too. Good range of Chris King products...
5 Stars Jasper the Netherlands 01-Dec-2014 Nice & quick!
5 Stars Enzo France 30-Nov-2014 you have a great service..I like the "happy riding" on the envelope.
5 Stars Alex Singapore 30-Nov-2014 Good and fast response with correct answers. Deal with John several times and will continue to support him whenever I can...
5 Stars Dan USA 30-Nov-2014 Great mirror-real glass allows an undistorted view of what is coming up behind. No vibration issues as with other mirror types. Highly recommended - received product very fast.
5 Stars Rodrigo Usa 30-Nov-2014 Fantastic. Great product fast delivery extraordinary Price!
5 Stars Giampiero Italia 30-Nov-2014 Ottimo servizio! Non c'è da aggiungere altro.
5 Stars Sirjeo USA 30-Nov-2014 Great selection with detailed descriptions. Item delivered as promised. Best price after tons of research.
5 Stars Sugar Daddy of the Trail sluts Singapore & Thailand 30-Nov-2014 Consistently efficient and prompt purchasing and shipping was expedited with any frills for ALL my orders. ASPIRE VELOTECH rulez and rocks hard. I pimp AVT to anyone anytime anywhere any ol' how.
5 Stars Barry South Africa 29-Nov-2014 Great service. Easily accommodated my request to add an item that was not in stock at time of order placement and hold my shipment to wait the few days for it. No additional effort required from me and my order was automatically updated to include the additional item and delivery made to match my travel window.
5 Stars Scott Australia 29-Nov-2014 Rearview mirror - excellent product, fast delivery to Australia. thanks!!
5 Stars Carl China / USA 29-Nov-2014 Super fast, always helpful service. The gals and guys at AVT are awesome!!!
5 Stars David USA 29-Nov-2014 Great service; fast!
5 Stars Andrea Italy 29-Nov-2014 Simply the best USA BIKE SHOP! Very fast and sure in shipment. Very good Chris King stock...Best in the planet!
5 Stars Jim USA 29-Nov-2014 Great service and product. ATV understands customer service. Thank you
5 Stars     29-Nov-2014 Perfect
5 Stars Simon Victoria BC Canada 29-Nov-2014 Bought a Loaded seat post clamp (on 2 occasions actually) both times excellent and only just over a week for shipping. I recommend them highly.
5 Stars Paul UK 29-Nov-2014 Excellent product, well constructed and sturdy. Easy to fit and stays in place, easily holding two lights and a cycle computer.
5 Stars     29-Nov-2014 Fast shipping!
5 Stars   Canada 29-Nov-2014 Great products, quick service and fast delivery to Canada. I will recommend AVT to my friends. 
5 Stars Daniel U$A 29-Nov-2014 Great service, very friendly and fast shipping. Highly recommended!
5 Stars   usa 29-Nov-2014 Fast service and good product
5 Stars hendrikus netherlands 25-Nov-2014 some time ago I bought some CK parts,I returned them. they gave me a discount code for it. it was perfect,no problems. I am from the netherlands and they are in the usa. no problem at all with return policy. GREAT!!
5 Stars jimmison C Hong Kong 23-Nov-2014 wonderful seller ! the post is so quick ans well picking !and i m using all Chris king hub and headset in my bikes !! whatever road or mountain bikes !! AAA+++ seller
5 Stars Ralph USA 22-Nov-2014 This is probably about the 6th or 7th time I have purchased from AVT. Once again fast friendly service.
5 Stars Gregory USA 21-Nov-2014 My experience was great. I ordered the part, it came in a timely manner, in perfect condition. It was easy to install, and works wonderfully. Thank-You 
5 Stars Louis Australia 21-Nov-2014 Very quick delivery and perpectly fit item
5 Stars frank belgium europe 21-Nov-2014 Nice picture on the website. Quick delivering too belgium.and the pacage is track andere trace. Just the best privé wit alle the details. Thans Frank belgium.
5 Stars Albert North Yorkshire, UK 21-Nov-2014 One second I was drooling over some CK R45 disc hubs on the AVT website, 4 days later I had them in my hands, in sunny North Yorkshire, UK. OUTSTANDING customer service answering all my concerns and questions. These guys deserve a few pints for all their help. Best service ever!
5 Stars Marty USA 21-Nov-2014 Excellent Service
5 Stars Rick USA 21-Nov-2014 Fast & Friendly!
5 Stars HS Canada 21-Nov-2014 Purchased the Pro Carbon computer / accessory mount to put a couple of lights on my CX bike for commuting and it works great. Very lightweight and the clamps don't damage the carbon bars. Very helpful to get the items off of the bar and a little forward, freeing up the bars for my hands. Fair price and good value item.
5 Stars Dan England 21-Nov-2014 Very pleased with the whole process and how helpful AVT have been throughout. I'm sure I will order from them again in the future.
3 Stars Eric USA 22-Nov-2014 Hello! I was disappointed to have my headset arrive with a scratch. I ordered the 1.5 to 1/8th reducer, which was placed on top of the anodized pieces of the headset. The reducer was sliding back and forth in the package with the headset. This problem could have easily been solved if the reducer was placed opposite of the anodized parts(on the cardboard side of the Chris King Package. It's a slight scratch, but still disappointed! AVT Response: Oh my! We are disappointed too! This is how they come from the factory and we now take care to re-pack them. Since we don’t know exactly which Eric you are from this review, if you see this, please contact us so we can make it right. Mike at AVT
5 Stars Bruce USA 21-Nov-2014 5 Star for sure. Great bar extender.
5 Stars   US 21-Nov-2014 very responsive and friendly with requests for information and pricing
5 Stars KW   18-Nov-2014 AVT rules, it's been a pleasure dealing with Aspire, every time
5 Stars     17-Nov-2014 Received rapidly and was exactly what i ordered.
5 Stars Serhiy Ukraine 17-Nov-2014 Good service from AVT. Good Schwalbe Racing Ralph 700 C types, I use it by years - qick, light and grippy. Special thanks for Phill Wood BB production. It is so good for my 1989 XT cranks.
5 Stars marcello Brasil 17-Nov-2014 Perfect ever! Thank You!
5 Stars lantmeeters Belgium ( Europe) 16-Nov-2014 You can choose the brands quick out of the list. With nice pictures onit and because you deliver out of the US and i'm in Belgium (Europe) it is a realy correct delevering. thank you very mutch. gtrz
5 Stars Steve Australia 15-Nov-2014 Good customer service when I had a question and fast delivery time. I can get parts from AVT faster than I can get parts from within my own country....
5 Stars Marc USA 15-Nov-2014 Good price ,fast shipping.
5 Stars     15-Nov-2014 Honestly don't remember what I purchased from you, but it must have been fine!
5 Stars John Netherlands 15-Nov-2014 The easton body was perfect and the delivery was very fast. 5 stars for you.
5 Stars bob canada 15-Nov-2014 5 stars thanks
5 Stars Carlos USA 14-Nov-2014 I have a great experience with AVT.Bike - Aspire VeloTech. The product that I both from you (which is the Italian Road Bike Mirror) is excellent and the quality is also excellent. The customer service deserves thumbs up. Thank you.
5 Stars   Canada 14-Nov-2014 Great service
5 Stars Lynn united states 14-Nov-2014 Prompt shipping. Got what I ordered with no problem
4 Stars Paul Canads 14-Nov-2014 Web store did not seem to be working on my smart phone. do I phoned in to order. The guy who took my order seemed helpful, I received what I needed.
5 Stars Orjan Norway 14-Nov-2014 Good price. Superfast shipping to Norway.
5 Stars Mark United States 14-Nov-2014 ALWAYS a pleasure shopping here.
5 Stars Jay us 14-Nov-2014 I had an excellent experience with AVT. Customer service was very helpful in changing my order so I can get my part quickly and back on the trail. Highly recommend! 
5 Stars Gina U.S.A. 12-Nov-2014 Quick shipping! Arrived as ordered without any damage. Very pleased! Thank you.
5 Stars jeanphi france 11-Nov-2014 as always, quick, reliable, problem free transaction, nearly perfect (shipping cost to Europe are high even for 100+ $ purchase)
5 Stars George US 11-Nov-2014 AVT has consistently been a fantastic source for Chris King parts.
5 Stars Frits netherlands 10-Nov-2014 super product and superfast delivery for great prices, my favorite shop( addictive)
5 Stars DurianRider_FAN United States 09-Nov-2014 Great product, I had ordered the Italian Road Bike Mirror. Prompt shipping and so far so good on the product.
5 Stars Scott Good ol USA 09-Nov-2014 Great service no problems. Will use them again.
4 Stars John USA 09-Nov-2014 i liked the stickers. i stuck One under the front bar. if the bike was stolen i would at least have my ñame on it
4 Stars Peter Netherlands 09-Nov-2014 Good price for nice tool.
5 Stars Philippe Canada 09-Nov-2014 This review is not for the hubs since we all know everything Chris King is perfect, but rather for AVT who provided an exceoptionnal service. Way to go guys!
5 Stars Mendel french 09-Nov-2014 apres plusieurs commande chez vous , vous êtes tres professionnel , continué comme ça. Amicalement.
5 Stars Robert USA 09-Nov-2014 You had what I needed at a good price and delivered on time, what more could a person ask.
4 Stars   Holland 09-Nov-2014 Quick delivery to Europe
4 Stars Paul Australia 08-Nov-2014 Good communication. Quick processing. Thanks.
5 Stars tom australia 08-Nov-2014 Italian racing mirror. Low profile, lightweight & once used wouldn't go without it. Probs need to order some more bar tape at same time if you want to maintain your good looks!
4 Stars Sinteng Malaysia 08-Nov-2014 Friendly & great customer services
5 Stars Elizabeth USA 08-Nov-2014 Excellent company good service. I searched everywhere for this part, AVT solved it in a phone call.
5 Stars Christian   08-Nov-2014 Great service. Will shop again
4 Stars Sudirman Singapore 08-Nov-2014 The best place to shop! Affordable pricing!
5 Stars HECTOR COLOMBIA 05-Nov-2014 Hi, I'm very satisfied. Thanks Regards
5 Stars Neil   03-Nov-2014 Great service, great product, great people to deal with
5 Stars Daniel Australia 02-Nov-2014 Top notch customer service, so greatful that AVT had the part required to finish my wheel build. I was so amazed to find that someone still had 24mm hubs on the shelf. My bike feels so much more awesome now. Some companies are better than others, your company is that better company with great customer service. Thanks again to everyone involved.
5 Stars Nigel Canada 02-Nov-2014 100% Super fast shipping!!! Next time I'm In WA we should go for a ride:)
5 Stars John US 02-Nov-2014 Great source for Chris King parts! 
5 Stars Gijs The Netherlands 02-Nov-2014 The parts I needed were readily available, and arrived well packaged. Shipping was not cheap for such a small package, but it was delivered halfway across the globe (literally!) within 40 hours. I would highly recommend AVT.Bike to anyone!
5 Stars Carl  China / USA 02-Nov-2014 Super service - I called and asked that AVT hold my order until i was back in the US - AVT sent my order just as I had discussed with them. My next order with be a Chris King Wheelset. Keep up the great work. Thanks
5 Stars   usa 01-Nov-2014 Always order when I can through Aspire VeloTech. Super knowledgeable, super nice, and super fast shipping.
5 Stars john USA 01-Nov-2014 As always excellent service quick shipping Great products, love the Italian mirrors.
5 Stars Paul USA 01-Nov-2014 You sent me EXACTLY what I needed-fast, well packed and low shipping rate. What's not to like.
5 Stars Derek Germany (APO) 01-Nov-2014 Fast service, great products! What I have always recieved from AVT!
Thanks for helping me with my KONA Rove. Those SS King Cages look great.
5 Stars Al US 01-Nov-2014 Outstanding service, outstanding products, outstanding business. Buy from AVT 
5 Stars Deane UK . England . 01-Nov-2014 I have found it so hard to find a reliable and trustworthy supplier of Chris King components here in the U.K . So I tried AVT Bikes and found them to be reliable , honest about what they have and can supply , and get the orders out promptly . I think some of the UK dealers could learn a lot from these guys . Thanks AVT .
5 Stars Hendrik germany 01-Nov-2014 Best Part, best price, best Shopping
5 Stars Steve USA 01-Nov-2014 Purchase and shipment was perfect. Would do business with them again
5 Stars Shaun Australia 29-Oct-2014 great product as always, extremely fast international postage. Thanks again!
5 Stars joojongwoo korea 28-Oct-2014 First thing is quick delevery So impressed thank you I received item with good condition Good boxing and goooood quality Now i installd this habdle to my bike And work wall Thank you
5 Stars Wiboon Thailand 28-Oct-2014 Premium product and best service
5 Stars Mark USA 27-Oct-2014 Great pricing and fast service.
5 Stars Justin Singapore 26-Oct-2014 Perfect transaction as always, thanks.
5 Stars Adolfo Spain 26-Oct-2014 As I said in a former e-mail to your customer service, the whole shopping process for the Paul Components E-Lever I ordered was excellent: price was unbeatable (your p&p costs put to shame any other seller out there!), my questions via e-mail were answered in perfect timing and detail, I was notified when the piece was available, and my order was tracked and delivered to Spain without a single problem and in just a few days. What else can I say, but thanks? I didn't know of your shop until I looked for this brake lever, but from now on I'll count on you as my reference online shop for singular and valuable bicycle pieces.
5 Stars vintage-steel USA 26-Oct-2014 Love my Chris King Pewter 2-Nut!
5 Stars Gregg USA 26-Oct-2014 Very fast shipping, Great product, good price!
5 Stars Don Usa 26-Oct-2014 The service provided by avt.was excellent. I received my item the following day.
5 Stars   Lithuania 25-Oct-2014 Great quality, awesome headset. Fast delivery. I am very glad that I bought it. Thank You.
5 Stars Ron Australia 25-Oct-2014 Not only do Aspire VeloTech stock a great range of high quality bike products like Phil Wood, Chris King, Wound Up, White Industries, but their prices are very competitive and their service is both friendly and efficient. Aspire VeloTech are a regular go-to supplier for me.
5 Stars     25-Oct-2014 Great product (Italian Bike Mirrors) and quick delivery.
5 Stars stephane France 25-Oct-2014 good commnication,good price,quickly shipping..very good job from AVT team
5 Stars Ilene usa 25-Oct-2014 Excellent experience
5 Stars   Canada 25-Oct-2014 Quick service, product received as describe. Very good seller!
5 Stars Fabien France 25-Oct-2014 Good service, fast shipping to Europe
4 Stars Sheridan Australia 19-Oct-2014 Great helmet and fantastic service! Prompt shipping and easy check-out process. Thanks.
5 Stars J USA 19-Oct-2014 Great Product, Fantastic Service and Helpful and Friendly Contacts...
5 Stars Reg USA 18-Oct-2014 I found the service and the quality to be top notch. The items were as pictured and described, and delivered promptly. I would certainly use AVT.Bike again.
5 Stars Jo USA 18-Oct-2014 I picked out new knobby tires for my husband's mountain bike, and I got the best price on AVT.Bike. Although I had trouble with the online cart, I emailed and phoned, and received exceptional customer service! Also bought several tubes at a great price. AVT.Bike is great.
5 Stars Johan norway 18-Oct-2014 Bought some seals for an old Chris King hub. Price was good, shipping fast and product as expected. Could not hope for more! 
5 Stars andrea italy 18-Oct-2014 that's all right thank's
5 Stars Teva new Zealand 17-Oct-2014 Extremely easy order! Highly recommended I would say
5 Stars jim usa 17-Oct-2014 fast free shipping
5 Stars Jay USA 17-Oct-2014 5 Stars. Shipped ASAP. Arrived before expected. Best price on the web.
5 Stars kelvin   17-Oct-2014 5 star rating. The service was outstanding , communication excellent.
5 Stars     17-Oct-2014 Awesome. All the stuff I wanted.
5 Stars     17-Oct-2014 Great fast service
5 Stars Dan Canada 17-Oct-2014 Excellent service and guidance. AVT knows there product.
5 Stars   Canada 17-Oct-2014 Excellent. Perfect.
5 Stars     12-Oct-2014 Fast service.
5 Stars Jari Finland 12-Oct-2014 I do not have bad word to say, everything work fine. Ei pahaa sanaa ole sanottavana, kaikki toimi niinkuin luvattiin.
5 Stars William Scarborough Canada 11-Oct-2014 Great customer service,Mirror very good, will order again. Thanks
5 Stars russell canada 11-Oct-2014 excellent service five stars
5 Stars Kay USA 11-Oct-2014 AVT was the only online store with the part I was looking for to complete a new bike build. Quick & easy online transaction, part was well packaged and shipped quickly.
5 Stars     11-Oct-2014 Product came great, shipped fast!
5 Stars   US 11-Oct-2014 I found Aspire VeloTech through a web search. They've got a great selection of quality products, and ship promptly.
5 Stars Deon South Africa 11-Oct-2014 The service was of the best that I ever experience - I ordered the part on the Monday from USA to SA it arrived on Thursday less then 4 days later I wish our Companies in SA have the same service - will used you any time again
4 Stars Thomas United States 12-Oct-2014 The product arrived in excellent condition and as expected. You would have five stars, but for one detail. I had to email you to get the tracking number. If you would send the tracking number with the email shipping notification, you would get five stars from me.  AVT Comment: We do always send out the tracking number right as your shipment departs, but it has an attachment (your receipt) so sometimes it gets caught in a spam filter.  Please always free free to contact us any time.  Happy Riding!
5 Stars Taylor Sydney, Australia 11-Oct-2014 Ordered the r45 hub tool on Monday. It was delivered to my door by Thursday. Tracked the whole way. Thanks guys. Very safe and reliable.
5 Stars Pj USA 10-Oct-2014 Excellent experience....items arrived actually a day earlier than expected
5 Stars   USA 10-Oct-2014 Have used this seller a few times now. Never any issues, for some things (Chris King stuff in particular), they're the only retailer with items in stock
5 Stars James Canada 10-Oct-2014 I have bought from AVT before and was always happy with the experience. Good prices and I always get what I ordered, no nonsense or delays. Happy customer, definitely shop here again.
5 Stars   USA 10-Oct-2014 great service, item as advertised.
5 Stars     10-Oct-2014 Excellent communicatio n delvery fast. PLEASURE DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU.
5 Stars Carl Australia 07-Oct-2014 Good advice helping me make the right purchase. Decently fast shipping.
5 Stars Eldred Philippines 06-Oct-2014 Excellent!
4 Stars Joel Canada 06-Oct-2014 I ordered two sets of Paul brake springs, was charged for two, but only one arrived. I advised of the missing parts in the order, and another set was shipped out. The service was good, but it meant a large delay in getting parts!   AVT Comment: We messed up and only shipped one. Apologies for the inconvenience!  It happens only rarely but once in a while... :-(
5 Stars Richard USA 06-Oct-2014 Received my order promptly and exactly as described.
5 Stars Mike Puerto Rico 06-Oct-2014 your grade is AAA.Thanks
5 Stars     05-Oct-2014 Excellent personalized service! They feel like a great local bike shop.
5 Stars john usa 05-Oct-2014 awesome service fast delivery will definitely buy from them again!!!
5 Stars Daniel England 05-Oct-2014 5 Star service for a 5 Star product. AVT made purchasing simple and I would definitely use them again.
3 Stars David England 04-Oct-2014 Waiting for delivery so unable to write a full review yet. However the ability to pre order is nice and so far the communication has been good. Keep me informed.
5 Stars   USA 04-Oct-2014 Product as described. Good service. Thx.
5 Stars harvey USA 04-Oct-2014 Well packed and arrived on time
5 Stars Bill USA 04-Oct-2014 Great transaction. Very quick ship and receipt of order. Product arrived quickly and as described in advertisement.
5 Stars Rocky Australia 04-Oct-2014 Great product and customer service. Overall, very happy with experience. Will be back again.
5 Stars Stewart United Kingdom 04-Oct-2014 Quick and efficient, could not be faulted, will most definitely use again
5 Stars Ema Indonesia 03-Oct-2014 Lots of great components Fast free delivery Well done AVT Would be happier if there is any discount for retailers..:)
5 Stars Michael U.S.A. 03-Oct-2014 Sells only the best stuff. Had to make changes to my order due to unforeseen issues but was taken care of in a first rate manner.
5 Stars Matt Alabama, USA 03-Oct-2014 Great trading with y'all. What a great product (the Italian Bike Mirror)! Durianrider was right: quality all around! Happy riding to y'all, too!
5 Stars     03-Oct-2014 Needed a small part for an old King hub. King referred me to you. Found it and ordered nice and easy. Thanks
5 Stars     03-Oct-2014 Exactly what I needed (and as described). Fast, cheap shipping. Thanks. We will do business again.
5 Stars     03-Oct-2014 Excellent service and fast delivery!
5 Stars Devon US 03-Oct-2014 Ordered an SDG seat, great price and was shipped quickly.
5 Stars Maureen new zealansd 30-Sep-2014 I have found the mirror very useful. It arrived in a timely manner.
5 Stars Maurice South Africa 29-Sep-2014 I wanted to order a number of items from AVT, but had a few questions to ask before I ordered. My questions were answered quickly and efficiently with virtually no delay.
The website is also easy to use and the entire shopping experience was a pleasure.
Great service!
5 Stars Alex Singapore 28-Sep-2014 Great service and always provide good advise and suggestion.
5 Stars Dave USA 27-Sep-2014 Awesome Company! Extremely nice staff... Answered all my questions, shipped very quickly and awesome packaging! My wife LOVES her Pink Chris King Headset and Spacers! We will recommend AVT.Bike 100% and buy from them again. Great experience. Thanks guys!
5 Stars Casper Denmark 27-Sep-2014 Excellent products and delivery to denmark
5 Stars Leo Germany 27-Sep-2014 Very fast sgipping
5 Stars Andy Uk 26-Sep-2014 Great service. Great product. If ordering to the uk be aware of customs Charge. £11.50.
5 Stars Marcelo Ecuador 26-Sep-2014 Great service, fast shipping! thanks!
5 Stars Mendel France 26-Sep-2014 voila un site sérieux et professionnel et avec des prix imbattable, Very good ++++
5 Stars Marios Greece 25-Sep-2014 Top notch customer service, enquiries answered quickly and promptly. Very illustrative website full of explaining text and pictures of parts. Would definitely be my one and only source for Chris King components. Many thanks to the customer service staff, especially John and Michael. Keep up the good work guys!
5 Stars Stefan Germany 24-Sep-2014 Good Service, fair Prices and the best Dealer for Chris KIng Parts.
5 Stars marcello brazil 23-Sep-2014 Great service. Fast!!!!!!
5 Stars Chris New Zealand 21-Sep-2014 excellent buying experience with excellent service and delivery.
5 Stars Patrick Usa 21-Sep-2014 5 star. Fast delivery
5 Stars Al USA 20-Sep-2014 Delivered on time, exactly what has been advertized. I will buy from AVT.Bike again.
4 Stars Lewis Hong Kong 20-Sep-2014 Since Brompton bike becomes famous and they increased the production since 2012, Chris King 1 1/8 Thread headset is the choice which you like to ride with speed over 30km/hr. Within these months, I ordered a lot of the said head set but it is still un-available for the Gold / Silver and Rainbow version.
5 Stars   UK 19-Sep-2014 Great service; manufacturing fault handled professionally and with my interest at heart. Got my mum to pick me up a hub on a visit to the states soon after. Will be returning again I'm sure.
5 Stars Chris USA 19-Sep-2014 Great selection, fast shipping
5 Stars     19-Sep-2014 Great service
5 Stars Steve Australia 19-Sep-2014 Such a great company to deal with. This is the 3rd set of hubs I've purchased from AVT. Great communication as always, many thanks.
5 Stars Keith United States 19-Sep-2014 Great price and fast shipping.
5 Stars Robert UK 16-Sep-2014 Received the disk wound up fork last week and love it looks great in a titanium frame, well built and nicely finished, smooth’s out some of the lumps and bumps.
5 Stars Rich USA 15-Sep-2014 They're GREAT!
5 Stars Matt Colorado, USA 15-Sep-2014 Good price on a great product.
5 Stars     15-Sep-2014 Great product and quick shipog
5 Stars Matt Australia 14-Sep-2014 AVT = fantastic! Brilliant range, perfect goods, super quick and safe service. Truly great! Thanks guys & gals @ AVT.
5 Stars   Germany 14-Sep-2014 Very good shop with excellent order process performance. Good prices and the best support you can imagine.
5 Stars   singapore 13-Sep-2014 fast prompt delivery, good dealing with you!
5 Stars robert canada 13-Sep-2014 5 star products 5 star service, thanks
5 Stars Ray USA 13-Sep-2014 Great people to do business with.....I am a repeat offender.
5 Stars Graeme Australia 13-Sep-2014 Great service.
5 Stars Claudio Italy 13-Sep-2014 Prodotto perfetto, conforme alle aspettative, fornitura originale, tempi di consegna rapidi.
5 Stars Cris USA 08-Sep-2014 I wish all my purchases were this easy and spot on time delivery. Great job AVT. My next purchase will certainly be from you guys. Thank you!!!
5 Stars Frits Netherlands 08-Sep-2014 as usual, great service, excellent products and good prices
5 Stars Dean UK 08-Sep-2014 This was my first order with AVT. I went with Avt online because they had a good choice at good prices. Everything went smoothly, no hidden charges, delivery within the specified time, properly packaged. I would use you again.
5 Stars Lee USA 07-Sep-2014 Excellent customer services at AVT! Will definitely be shopping here again!
5 Stars Santiago Spain 07-Sep-2014 Fast re-stock!
5 Stars Robin ENGLAND 07-Sep-2014 Great price, good service and communication. I'd definitely buy from here again, and recommend to friends. Thanks guys! (0:
5 Stars Peter Canada 06-Sep-2014 I have ordered a couple of times from AVT and had great service, very Canadian friendly
5 Stars Pierre Canada-Quebec 06-Sep-2014 Quality product that changes road bike experience. You will ride safely and relaxed...Nice doing buiseness with you.
5 Stars Swinton USA 06-Sep-2014 After getting ZERO help from Chris king tech services, I discovered avtbikes. They had the conversion kit for my rear hub that I needed and explained how to install it (something Chris king tech services COULD NOT). Thanks for awesome products & services.
5 Stars Curt USA 06-Sep-2014 Great products, and fast shipping. No complaints what so ever, and I will be ordering from here again!!
5 Stars Holger Germany 06-Sep-2014 One of my favourite bike online shops. Fast responding, reliable and good prices. Whst else can I ask for?
5 Stars   USA 02-Sep-2014 I have what I needed at a very good price.
5 Stars Dan Australia 01-Sep-2014 John was absolutely fantastic in assisting with the ordering of Chris King xd driver for my Yeti and competitively pricing for an x01 groupset. In this day and age where the likes of Wiggle, CRC and Jenson are dominating the online market it's good to see smaller businesses matching and bettering those prices with exceptional customer service. I will shop here in the future no doubt.. maybe those new sour green CKs..Thanks John!
5 Stars ささはら japan 31-Aug-2014 注文から商品到着まで迅速に対応して頂けました。 日本からの注文も問題なく取引できました。ありがとう。
5 Stars Andy United Kingdom 31-Aug-2014 These guys are Awsome!. Allways helpful and allways ship really quickly, even over here!
5 Stars Joose Finland 30-Aug-2014 Smoothly experience. Thanks!
5 Stars Mark United States 30-Aug-2014 Excellent service and prompt shipment. I rely on AVT for almost all my Chris King needs.
4 Stars John Netherlands 30-Aug-2014 Good product, fair price.
5 Stars Michael Australia 29-Aug-2014 Great service. Delivered promptly and product as described.
4 Stars Bernard Singapore 29-Aug-2014 Product arrive on time and in food condition.
5 Stars Wolfgang Germany 29-Aug-2014 Very fast delivery, product is good, i recommend you this company.
5 Stars   usa 29-Aug-2014 Ordered a product. Paid them And the product was delivered with no issues. All good!
5 Stars Alex US 29-Aug-2014 Nice contact and fast delivery. Excellent service as known before.
5 Stars   USA 29-Aug-2014 Great prices, fast shipping, great follow-through. Highly recommended!
5 Stars Gicquel French 29-Aug-2014 Very good 
5 Stars Larry Canada 29-Aug-2014 Once again, quick service, free shipping and I received exactly what I wanted: White Industries parts to rebuild a single-speed freewheel. These parts weren't shown on the AVT website, and after several quick emails, the goods were on the way.
5 Stars Ray USA 29-Aug-2014 AVT.Bike has always given me great products and great service. I will continue to do business with them.
5 Stars Steven USA 29-Aug-2014 You guys were great really made sure I received the Chris King bearing extremely fast.
5 Stars Doll Uk 29-Aug-2014 Best bike shop in the world. Chris king rules
5 Stars Matt USA 29-Aug-2014 Great Customer Service - they accidentally sent me the wrong product because the product ID was one symbol off and when I called they were extremely friendly and took care of everything immediately. They used expedited shipping for the correct product and included a pre-paid shipping envelope to make the return easy. They even included some Chris King Stickers! Great Customer Service goes a long way! Thanks guys
5 Stars Tony USA 26-Aug-2014 5 Star! Thank You for your prompt service.
5 Stars Vadim   26-Aug-2014 Good afternoon, I bought the components via your website several times, and everything was always perfect! All products are new, they are in the original packaging and the shipping is fast. I will buy more and will recommend to my friends. Thank you very much! Special thanks to John Kellison for his cooperation!
5 Stars Graham United Kingdom 25-Aug-2014 Outstanding service. Polite, efficient and absoluely spot on. Will recommend to friends and use again.
5 Stars Joe Hong Kong 24-Aug-2014 Will put AVT.Bike on top of my mail order list. Thanks for the great service!!
5 Stars Eugene United States 24-Aug-2014 Had just the item I needed for building a new frame and fork. Could not find the parts anywhere else. Fast shipping and the price was right.
5 Stars Nathan Australia 24-Aug-2014 Great! Good price, great product and lightning fast delivery! Cheers!
4 Stars Ken USA 24-Aug-2014 Easy to use site. Everything about product as stated. On time delivery.
5 Stars Espen Norway 24-Aug-2014 Excellent service and fast shipping. Top bike shop!
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Which country are you in?:
5 Stars Marc-Andre Canada 24-Aug-2014 I received exactly what I order quickly and at a decent price. I was looking for a very specific bike part to help in the restoration/upgrade of my Brompton folding bike. After a lot of searching, this is where I got exact part I was looking for et the best price. It was well packed and arrived quickly in pristine condition.
5 Stars Christian Australia 24-Aug-2014 Very helpful with pre-order and special requests. Very quick and efficient service .
5 Stars Mike America 23-Aug-2014 Amazing Service Above and Beyond express shipped me my package so that I got it in time for Vaca. Will do more business in future!
5 Stars Timothy USA 23-Aug-2014 as always, great service, free and fast shipping, plus a full range of Chris King products. VERY highly recommended website for cycling needs!
5 Stars kenny scotland 23-Aug-2014 Extremely quick delivery, good communication and i'll certainly use AVT again.
5 Stars     23-Aug-2014 Like product and service.
5 Stars Frits netherlands 19-Aug-2014 again great service fast delivery good prices, my favorite shop
4 Stars Larry USA 19-Aug-2014 Great and rapid service. The only part that seemed a bit different is dealing with a part that was backordered. There was a manual process to get it ordered. Not sure if there systems can't handle BOs. But it did get shipped as soon as it was in stock. So I give them 4 stars. AVT Comment: Larry is correct, an AVT team member handles back orders personally to be sure they are properly filled as soon as possible. Many of our suppliers don’t have backorder systems in place, so this works very well. Happy Riding!
5 Stars Ian Canada 18-Aug-2014 5 stars repeat customer very quick simple and great selection. Price good too.
5 Stars Rob USA 16-Aug-2014 Great fast shipping, awesome products, & easy and friendly site to find what your looking for with out having to dig deep into the page.
The bike mirrors I got fit great and work really great. They stay in place, don't move ever! Even when going over RR tracks. The image of the cars behind me is accurate. The image isn't some lame "close then they appear" kinda mirror. Cant go wrong with the Italian road bike mirror.
5 Stars Abdul Australia 15-Aug-2014 Excellent, best price on Paul Components on the net.
5 Stars Shinyu Korea, 15-Aug-2014 Thanks to AVT bike The order process and delivery was very fast
5 Stars Dean Canada 15-Aug-2014 Excellent communication with John with regards to parts compatibility and best shipping options. Amazed at how quick my order arrived after confirmation sent.
5 Stars Dana U.S. 15-Aug-2014 Love the mirror. Having the mirror out of the way, yet safely tucked, and clearly visible is wonderful. Having a glass, not plastic surface, makes for clear visibility.
5 Stars Christian Germany 15-Aug-2014 Top product. Fast shipping to Germany. 100% satisfaction.  
5 Stars Ben USA 15-Aug-2014 Parts ordered were promptly shipped out as promised. No snags at all. Will buy from AVT again.
5 Stars Rick USA 14-Aug-2014 Had to adjust my handlebar to get the mirror positioned correctly, but it was worth it. The mirror gets 5 stars.
5 Stars Alex Canada 12-Aug-2014 Mirror arrived as described.....thx
5 Stars Gary Australia 11-Aug-2014 My order was taken and delivered in 7 days to Australia. Service was first class.
5 Stars Jonatan France 11-Aug-2014 Always it is... a 5-star rate for AVT ^^ Great communication, excellent shipping conditions... the best products. What else to expect ?
5 Stars Gary   11-Aug-2014 Great service.
5 Stars Hagen Germany 11-Aug-2014 Outstanding Quality! Great Service! Very fast and sure Shipment! All the Best!  
5 Stars Max Russia 11-Aug-2014 Superb quality of priducts and service.
5 Stars Jason USA 10-Aug-2014 This is my first experience with AVT and I have to say it was a pleasure. My order was packaged well and shipped very quickly. Customer care during and after the sale has been excellent and I enjoy receiving updates from AVT periodically via email. AVT is a quality outfit and I will definitely be using them in the future. Thanks AVT!
5 Stars mark Australia 10-Aug-2014 great to deal with, quick postage and very quick to respond to my questions. my experience has always been 5 stars
5 Stars Simon Australia 10-Aug-2014 The Italian Racing Mirrors are the best around. A little difficult to mount and set up, but once they are in place, they stay in place.
5 Stars     09-Aug-2014 The best service i had from online... which i could not find else where!
5 Stars Tom USA 09-Aug-2014 Customer service rep was awesome and did a great job of working with me on my transaction. thanks, Tom
5 Stars Andrew Australia 08-Aug-2014 This is the second transaction iv had with velo asp. Super impressed with customer service both times.
5 Stars Dean australia 08-Aug-2014 Best price for White Industries T11 hub with free shipping.
5 Stars Nick Scotland, UK 08-Aug-2014 Excellent customer service, and very quick delivery - even to Scotland! The Wound Up forks are superb: not the lightest, but wonderful ride quality, very comfortable on rough roads but also very precise and stable even at 55mph downhill. Can't be bad!
5 Stars jediwoof USA 08-Aug-2014 Great price and shipped fast. No problems at all.
5 Stars Jake United States of America 08-Aug-2014 I called customer service to inquire about a backordered Chris King bottom bracket. The service person let me know that AVT routinely receives shipments of Chris King parts, but a preorder would be the best way to secure a part from the next shipment. I placed my preorder and received my bottom bracket only a couple days later. A great experience!
5 Stars Adi Israel 08-Aug-2014 Great seller:-) Very quick supply.
5 Stars Dai Wales 08-Aug-2014 Cheapest price on the web for Park Tool even with the import tax added. Very fast delivery, I will be buying from them again. Thanks for the great service.
5 Stars Andy US 06-Aug-2014 Great quality, fast shipping, good packaging, excellent communication… Can't ask for anything better!
5 Stars Adrin Malaysia 05-Aug-2014 Excellent price for a genuine Chris King product
5 Stars     04-Aug-2014 shipped fast!
5 Stars Chloe United Kingdom 04-Aug-2014 Excellent service as always - wish we had a AVT in the UK!
5 Stars     04-Aug-2014 Fast service!
5 Stars Arthur Switzerland 04-Aug-2014 Just perfect!
5 Stars Fabien France 04-Aug-2014 Very fast delivery and customer service !
5 Stars Bill USA 04-Aug-2014 Received shipment very promptly - good service!
5 Stars Lars Norway 04-Aug-2014 Once again I am a very happy customer. Thanks!
5 Stars Charles USA 03-Aug-2014 Great products, super prices, and excellent & knowledgeable help from the staff. They're always so helpful and really know what customer service is all about. Thanks guys.
5 Stars jeff USA 03-Aug-2014 you guys are the best you knew what I needed and got it to me in record time I'm was back on the road in no time
5 Stars Ángel Spain 03-Aug-2014 Perfect service.
5 Stars Jeff Canada 03-Aug-2014 I needed a small part for a Chris King headset and found it here. Buying was quick and shipping was fast. Thanks!
5 Stars     03-Aug-2014 Excellent service Thank you
5 Stars Kyle Last Frontier 03-Aug-2014 Fast and cheap shipping to Alaska. No fuss and great products. I will be buying from them again.
5 Stars Gergo Hungary 29-Jul-2014 King Cage. Lightweight stainless steel. What else could you possibly need? Perfect holding, simple classic look. Fast shipping, as always. Thank you AVT Team!
5 Stars Mark Canada 26-Jul-2014 Fantastic. Arrived to Canada quickly, all in order.
5 Stars Mike   25-Jul-2014 This is the next greatest product to the cycling computer itself. It is simple to mount, puts the computer in clear view and made of durable and light weight material. For anyone that is looking for a computer mount, I highly recommend this device. For the simple fact that at the price for a piece of plastic, you get aluminum and carbon fiber.
5 Stars   Canada 25-Jul-2014 Very quick shipping and very well packaged.
5 Stars Michael USA 25-Jul-2014 Parts shipped were exactly as ordered and were shipped immediately. Very happy with everything. *****
5 Stars Raymond Philippines/california 23-Jul-2014 You guys are the best! Five stars! Thanks aspire velo tech!
5 Stars Marcello Brasil 22-Jul-2014 Always excellent service! Thank You again Aspire crew !
5 Stars Mohamed Singapore 20-Jul-2014 Fast and reliable transaction Great communication Trusted Seller
5 Stars Paul USA 19-Jul-2014 Great Service. Nice item.
5 Stars Tim USA 18-Jul-2014 Excellent customer service and great knowledge of products. My riding in Vermont happeened because of this company and the service I received!
5 Stars Eyes Australia 18-Jul-2014 The fastest most reliable source of Chris King on the planet. I'd give 6 stars if I could!
5 Stars Howard US 18-Jul-2014 This is not my first purchase with AVT. I have been 100% satisfied with all my purchases. These folks know and appreciate cycling and when I've had a question, they are very responsive. 5 stars for these guys/gals.
5 Stars Jb Usa 18-Jul-2014 Excellent product, better magnification and clarity than competitors'
5 Stars vincent usa 18-Jul-2014 Second purchase from this outfit. Very satisfied. Prompt delivery and good prices. I will strongly recommend this online store.
5 Stars David USA 18-Jul-2014 Just what I needed to free up some space on the handlebar so I could add a storage bag.
5 Stars David USA 18-Jul-2014 This mirror is superior to all other bar end mounts that I've tried. The glass is optically clear and vibrates far less than the ball mounted kind. I took my time aligning it prior to taping the bar and couldn't be happier with the result.
5 Stars Andy England 18-Jul-2014 5star!! Fast and very efficient service, recommend to anyone and everyone
5 Stars   usa 18-Jul-2014 super fast, good price. i'm happy. ( same price as Chris King web site, but much better shipping )
5 Stars Blake United states 16-Jul-2014 Purchased services with a Visa card but wanted to use my discover card Charge was made on visa but requested cancellation because charge was then made on discover card.
4 Stars HYC Australia 13-Jul-2014 Really handy to have this mirror product on your bike. Aids me in looking for traffic, other buddies on bikes without turning my head around and wobbling my front wheel especially on narrow bike trails or roads.
5 Stars Jim USA 13-Jul-2014 I bought the Italian Rode Bike Mirror. Great mirror, looks great, clear view of what's comming without turning your head. Takes some time installing and adjusting but well made and easy to adjust.
5 Stars pascal France 11-Jul-2014 Good packaging, delivery in time.
5 Stars Ridz Singapore 11-Jul-2014 item arrived really fast & in good condition..
5 Stars Rocky Australia 11-Jul-2014 Great experiance so far. Been very helpful with information and accommodated all my requests. Looking forward to receiving my new frame. Great job overall
5 Stars Ash USA 11-Jul-2014 The order was quick with a good price I will definitely order from them next time
5 Stars jos nederland 11-Jul-2014 Ver good
5 Stars Ryan USA 11-Jul-2014 Fantastic service. I wasn't sure what exact part I needed, so I called. EXCELLENT customer service directed me to the correct part. From then on a smooth, fast transaction took place. I ABSOLUTELY would HIGHLY recommend AVT going forward.
5 Stars Dave UK 11-Jul-2014 Excellent service as usual, the Chris King hub I wanted was no longer shown on the AVT website but they ordered me one from CK and it arrived a week later. Many thanks.
5 Stars Khaliq UK 10-Jul-2014 Brilliant service
Excellent shipping via Fed Ex
5 Stars Jesper Denmark 09-Jul-2014 Super fast delivery 5 Stars
5 Stars Paul Canada 09-Jul-2014 Sent the wrong colour headset by mistake; offered to send the correct colour headset by FedEx (3 day service) with a return envelope for the wrong headset. Settled for a Chris King headset spacer set; again by FedEx 3 day shipping. I have shopped with AVT for several years they are my favourite place to buy bike stuff from: quality components, competitive prices and spectacular customer service. I bought my Chris King headset from AVT because I know it will be a genuine Chris King product, trust is a wonderful thing on the internet.
5 Stars Elizabeth USA 07-Jul-2014 great job, great mirror
5 Stars Viktor Germany 06-Jul-2014 Bought some spare for my Chris Kings. Great service, fast delivery - I love it!
5 Stars Oleg Russia 05-Jul-2014 Good communication, fast shipping. I will buy again!
5 Stars Jim UK 05-Jul-2014 An all-round good experience with my order for a titanium seat-post, which I am now enjoying using.
5 Stars steve canada 05-Jul-2014 Excellent online retailer. Availability of rare parts not sold anywhere else. Fast shipping, very good prices.
5 Stars Andrew Singapore 05-Jul-2014 Awesome service, fast shipping! Item arrived as described. Greatly appreciated!
1 Stars   Luxembourg 05-Jul-2014 Excellent service and fast delivery
5 Stars Ryan USA 04-Jul-2014 Great company. Fast shipping, awesome availability, and excellent customer service when I had a question about what headset I needed. Ordered Front and rear Chris King hubs, a rear Chris King hub, and a headset and all went fantastically. Will absolutely order from here again.
5 Stars SJ USA 04-Jul-2014 Reliable service store.
5 Stars Frank aka "The Tank" USA 04-Jul-2014 These mirrors are fantastic!! Field of views with these mirrors hit their mark, the glass is crisp and well worth the price. A new tape job and my a Specialized Tarmac -,Expert is like a new bike. Thanks AVT for being spot on with these mirrors! Also, the hand written not "happy riding" was genuine from one cyclist to another! My suggestion, do not wait to get these mirrors, order them now.
5 Stars Brad Australia 04-Jul-2014 Once product was in stock it was delivered very quickly. Took a month or so to come into stock though. No review on product as yet as the weather has been crap so no ridding as of yet.
5 Stars Nathan Australia 04-Jul-2014 Best service from any online bike store
5 Stars Jim USA 02-Jul-2014 The items I ordered (Stainless King Cage) were out of stock, yet showed in-stock on website, at time of sale. You more than made up for the error by shipping the complete order plus an additional cage (no charge), within 7 days, plus you paid the shipping as well! Thanks again!
5 Stars Daniel Canada 01-Jul-2014 I was happy with the service I received. 4 stars. I was disappointed that many of the products you showed on your site were not in stock and available immediately.
5 Stars Josh USA 01-Jul-2014 Bottom bracket tool showed up quickly and communication from site was great.
5 Stars   US 30-Jun-2014 Item as expected and arrived timely.
5 Stars Matthew UK 30-Jun-2014 Great communication and quick delivery. Thanks!
5 Stars Fabrizio Italy 30-Jun-2014 Great service, fast, professional and accurate.
5 Stars Kai   30-Jun-2014 Top of the line products combined with a top notch, responsive, flexible, friendly and reliable customer service - a combination which is hard to beat.
5 Stars hui china 29-Jun-2014 amazing!
5 Stars Negrepetit Balearic Islands (Spain) 29-Jun-2014 Fast shipment! Quality products!
5 Stars Jo Get Britain 29-Jun-2014 Accurate, on time, good price
5 Stars     28-Jun-2014 good products, and price and speedy delivery.
5 Stars Matty England uk 28-Jun-2014 Great service . Fantastic help and advice . Will definitely use them again . My new chris king classic bmx hub was shipped from the shop to my house in the uk in a day and a half and is now built into a wheel and rocking now ;)
5 Stars Ian Australia 28-Jun-2014 My wantonly extravagant King bottle cages turned up far quicker than I had expected. Excellent service as ever from AVT.
5 Stars Francisco Brazil 27-Jun-2014 A+.
5 Stars Mark UK 27-Jun-2014 Could not find the right mirror anywhere, until I found your Italian Road Bike Mirror. Excellent service and fast delivery to the UK. Would not hesitate to use you again. Many thanks.
5 Stars Germain Canada 27-Jun-2014 As usual it was a pleasure buying from AVT - Received the material in due time and product as described on your web. Thanks
5 Stars Troy USA 27-Jun-2014 Great service and great product!
5 Stars Dannie Denmark 27-Jun-2014 I would give you 10 stars if possible! Always the best products and the greatest service!
5 Stars Rab UK 27-Jun-2014 Great quick service and great product even when ordering from UK.
5 Stars Luc Canada 22-Jun-2014 Very very good service.... Nothing else to say !!!!
5 Stars Terry Australia 20-Jun-2014 Good prices, Good range of stock and easy to navigate webpage.
Postage from the US to Australia is nearly always expensive and slow, but AVT was quite reasonable and as quick as I've had from the US
5 Stars Nathan Australia 20-Jun-2014 Always great service with AVT
5 Stars     20-Jun-2014 Good
1 Stars mike united states 20-Jun-2014 Super fast shipping will definitely buy from again
5 Stars Fortunato Australia 20-Jun-2014 I needed a pair of Chris King R45 hubs in a hurry that were not in stock for a wheel build to use on a once in a life time cycling holiday. John at Aspire was very responsive & able to provide me a pair within the time frame.
1 Stars Marc USA 20-Jun-2014 The Italian Road Bike mirror is the best one out there. I've tried many other mirrors, but none compare. AVT delivered it promptly, and I would highly recommend them.
5 Stars Rupert UK 20-Jun-2014 I have been using AVT for a few years now. Service and price have always been excellent, and I will continue to return. Five stars all the way, many thanks
5 Stars Steve Canada 20-Jun-2014 Needed adaptor axels for Chris King Hubs. Great people to deal with. Phoned with a question and they were very helpful. Received the correct parts in a timely manor. Thanks for the help guys.
5 Stars JAMES ENGLAND 20-Jun-2014 Fantastic service as always guys !!! this is the ONLY place to buy King products !!!
5 Stars Taylor Canada 20-Jun-2014 Great service, FAST FAST FAST shipping!!  Great products
5 Stars Renzo Netherlands 19-Jun-2014 Huge selection of high quality bike parts and tools with competitive prices and worldwide shipping. Very easy ordering process and despite cheapest shipping option (hey, I'm Dutch) quickly delivered.
5 Stars Wout Belgium 16-Jun-2014 Totally happy with AVT service : quick and expert advice via email prior to purchase, and quick overseas delivery. Totally happy with the Chris King products as well !
5 Stars Dave Australia 15-Jun-2014 I ordered a couple of King ti bottle cages and they arrived in good time. Unfortunately one of the cages was made improperly. I know this is a handmade product but it seemed particularly "not right" with an odd bend. I sent an email with photos and you guys sent a replacement cage out free of charge no question and I didn't have to return the faulty one. That type of service is very much appreciated. Easy to deal with, honest and respectful. That's why I keep coming back. By the way, despite the issue, I LOVE my King Cages!
5 Stars Renato Italy 15-Jun-2014 Excellent!!
5 Stars Peter Austria 15-Jun-2014 Best shop when it come's to chris king!just need some spare part's in the right colourway,here is where you get everything
5 Stars     14-Jun-2014 Awesome service - they allowed me to pre-order my fork and instead of waiting the full 6 weeks, when there was a unit of the same product with 1 mm difference in spec, they offered it to me - then after realizing we had to pay sales tax (because we're in the same state), gave me another discount. They stayed in touch and followed through.
5 Stars Pieter The Netherlands 13-Jun-2014 Nothing to say ...... it's just good. Thanks for the great service !
5 Stars Tom Canada 13-Jun-2014 Great - got the goods fast and as advertised
5 Stars Jim Canada 13-Jun-2014 Got two Garmin Edge compatible mounting brackets. They work fine. Delivery was fast even taking into account customs.
5 Stars Giovanni Germany 13-Jun-2014 very good produts, fast delivery.
5 Stars Paul Canada 13-Jun-2014 Purchased a 2Nut Conversion Kit, which was delivered fast and safe, as usual. Contacted AVT with a query and John not only answered my question in full but sent ME the part even though it was not part of the original purchase. Awesome customer service once again. I have purchased high end parts for a number of custom bike builds over the years from bike shops all over the world and AVT have to be the best company I have ever dealt with. Thanks AVT, I love buying my gear from you, it is always a pleasure. allthebest
5 Stars Jeremie U.S.A 13-Jun-2014 got wrong part. called them and they provided the best customer support I have ever received. They found the right part and shipped it promptly. I strongly recommend AVT. They are a class above the rest.
5 Stars Scott U.s. 13-Jun-2014 Everything was good, have about 500 miles on wheels, still strait
5 Stars Dan United States 13-Jun-2014 Great customer service. I purchased the wrong component and when contacted customer service they didnt have the right component in stock. But they said they would order it and let me know when it arrived. I exchanged the part without any problems whatsoever.
5 Stars Jens Sweden 13-Jun-2014 Great stuff! Fast service and fast shipping.
Even if getting a response of emails are a bit random. AVT Comment: Thanks for the feedback. We pride ourselves on being very responsive, so apologies here. Maybe our response got caught in a spam filter, or maybe we just messed up. Please be assured we have noted your comment and are dedicated to replying to all emails. Michael
5 Stars Franco Austraila 12-Jun-2014 International service to Australia was precise and fast. Happily do business again.
5 Stars Andy NZ 10-Jun-2014 Great service. Thanks.
5 Stars   Canada 09-Jun-2014 Always a great place to get King parts - fast service, and very reasonable shipping costs. Thanks!
5 Stars Robbert The Netherlands 09-Jun-2014 The service and delivery is top.. I received my order in 5 days in holland.. Some post order company's in holland are slower..
5 Stars JG South Africa 09-Jun-2014 Service was fast and very efficient. A pleasure to do business with AVT. Thank you
5 Stars BARRIERE FRANCE 09-Jun-2014 PERFECT, nothing else.
5 Stars victor chile 08-Jun-2014 Very accurate. Thanks a lot.
5 Stars fernando Spain 08-Jun-2014 very fast shipping and full stock on chris king parts.
5 Stars Jonny UK 08-Jun-2014 Great item, great service.
5 Stars Marcin Poland 08-Jun-2014 The best shopping in the United States. You understand Polish realities. I will return to your store for sure. Thank you.
5 Stars Chris USA 08-Jun-2014 Great services and great products
5 Stars Andreas Sweden 08-Jun-2014 QUICK AND EASY JUST AS IT SHOULD BE.
5 Stars Bill USA 03-Jun-2014 Customer service was outstanding. Will definitely shop here again.
5 Stars Casper Denmark 02-Jun-2014 Fantastic service as always. Fast response. :) Absolutely my number one online store to buy Chris King and other top rated parts.
5 Stars     02-Jun-2014 Had the small part I needed and priced reasonably. Fast shipping. Thank you.
5 Stars Nick Australia 01-Jun-2014 I have always had good prompt service and receive my orders on time.
No stress transactions. Excellent.

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