Chris King SRAM Ceramic Bearing Bottom Bracket - MTB, 68/73/83/100mm, Pink

Chris King SRAM Ceramic Bearing Bottom Bracket - MTB, 68/73/83/100mm, Pink

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Product Description


At AVT, we are honored to offer you this Chris KingĀ® External Bottom Bracket as an authorized Chris KingĀ® dealer.

The construction and compatibility of this Chris KingĀ® Ceramic Bearing Bottom Bracket are identical to the Chris KingĀ® stainless steel bearing bottom bracket. However, this bottom bracket uses ceramic balls, which are lighter, harder and have greater roundness than stainless steel balls, resulting in a bearing with less friction and exceptional speed and strength.

These factors along with Chris King's sealing system mean you need only use a very small amount of low-viscosity lube in the bearing. This means less drag in the bearing, allowing you to pedal with greater efficiency.

  • Designed for SRAMĀ™-compatible external type crank systems including SRAMĀ™ GXP, TruvativĀ™ GXP, and BontragerĀ™ GXP
  • 24 ball bearings per side
  • Fully user-serviceable bearings

You can buy with confidence from AVT, the worlds largest Chris KingĀ® Dealer. When you buy from us, you are assured that you are receiving a factory fresh, genuine Chris KingĀ® bottom bracket with a full 5 year warranty no matter where in the world you are.Ā  Fast, Free, Reliable Shipping to the U.S. and Worldwide along with outstanding customer service make AVT the best source for Chris KingĀ® precision bike components.

A wealth of other information is available on the Chris KingĀ®Ā website.

We guarantee to you that each Chris KingĀ® bicycle component you buy from us is absolutely brand new with full warranty, and that we are an authorized Chris KingĀ® dealer.

American made in USA (U.S.A.)

Weight 113 grams
Thread Type British
Material Aluminum cups, Ceramic Bearings
Warranty 5 Years