Chris King Rear BMX High Flange Hub, 32 Hole - Pink

Chris King Rear BMX High Flange Hub, 32 Hole - Pink

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Product Description


Includes the cog of your choice, 12 to 20 tooth. (choose above)

At AVT, we are honored to offer you this Chris KingĀ® BMX hub as an authorized Chris KingĀ® dealer.

Chris KingĀ® hubs are truly engineering masterpieces. They're light, super strong, and very user serviceable. In fact, standard hex wrenches and a pen knife are all you need for regular maintenance.

This Chris KingĀ® BMX driveshell is specially designed with high and equal diameter flanges that define a shorter spoke for a stiffer and stronger wheel.Ā  This hub glides on a premium quality needle bearing on a super-heavy duty steel rear axle.Ā  The bearings are special too, time tested and proven to be the most reliable hub bearings available.Ā  The rear axle also includes threaded aluminum inserts that are easy to replace. If your threads get messed up, you can easily replace the threaded inserts without having to replace the whole axle.Ā  Because we are an authorized dealer, you also get a full 5 year worry-free warranty no matter where in the world you are.

Match this rear hub up with the BMX High Flange front hub for the most awesome hub set available.Ā  The meticulous craftsmanship of these hubs makes them a precision component that you will be proud to own for years to come.Ā  Just having them on your bike makes a statement about your passion for BMX

Made in USA (U.S.A.)

Weight 388g*
Drillings 32, 36
Flange Diameter 53.0mm
Center to Flange d/nd 27.3mm
Axle Width 110mm
Axle Diameter 19.5mm
Warranty 5 years

*Weight includes BMX axle bolts with washers (44g/pair), 16t stainless steel cog (32g) and Single Speed cog lock ring (4g)