Chris King GripNut Headset 1 Inch Old School BMX - Mango (Bold Logo)

Chris King GripNut Headset 1 Inch Old School BMX - Mango (Bold Logo)

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Product Description


The Chris KingĀ® GripNutĀ™ headset is an excellent choice for bicycles with threaded forks used without headset spacers or cable hangers.Ā  It features a threaded collet positioned inside the adjusting and lock nuts that firmly clamps the fork threads resulting in incredible holding power and ease of adjustability.

This is a hard to find BMX specific headset, which has a 32.8mm cup skirt diameter for Old School BMX head tubes.Ā  It won't fit bikes that require a standard 1 inch headset.Ā  For more details, learn about where to measure your headset and the headset specifications.

A GripNutĀ™ headset is ideal for heavy touring and rough riding conditions. It's also an excellent solution for forks with damaged or undersized threads, and for threaded forks that have been cut too short.

You can buy with confidence from AVT, the worlds largest Chris KingĀ® dealer. When you buy from us, you are assured that you are receiving a factory fresh, genuine Chris KingĀ® headset with a full 10 year warranty no matter where in the world you are.Ā  Fast, free, reliable shipping to the U.S. and worldwide along with outstanding customer service make AVT the best source for Chris KingĀ® precision bike components.

A wealth of other information is available on the Chris KingĀ®Ā website.

We guarantee to you that each Chris KingĀ® bicycle component you buy from us is absolutely brand new with full warranty, and that we are an authorized Chris KingĀ® dealer.

American made in USA (U.S.A.)

Headset Type Threaded BMX
Size 1 inch
Headset Inside Diameter 32.7mm
Logo Type Bold Logo
Weight 107 grams
Warranty 10 years