Chris King 1-1/8 Inch 25mm Headset Spacer - Pewter

Chris King 1-1/8 Inch 25mm Headset Spacer - Pewter

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Product Description


At AVT, we are honored to offer you this Chris King® headset spacer as an authorized Chris King® dealer.

Like all other Chris King® components, this headset spacer is precision made and true. You've probably put a lot of consideration into each component you've got on your bike. Why settle for anything less than the best headset spacer? The need for high quality headset spacers is often overlooked. Cheap headset spacers are usually not truly flat and can cause "mystery" creaks and noises...the last thing you want on your smooth and silent running bike. Carbon headset spacers are especially prone to causing noises that can take a lot of time to track down. Prevent problems and regrets with the best headset spacers you can possibly buy.

Finish off those last details with style and precision.

American made in USA (U.S.A.)

Size 1-1/8 inch
Height 25mm
Weight 20.9 grams