Phil Wood 1" Headset

Phil Wood 1" Headset

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Product Description


The Phil Wood headset development was inspired by our great customers who have been encouraging us to release a headset. 

We would like to thank everyone that has worked with us over the years in the testing and development of our headset. We manufacture our headset out of US-produced stainless steel and 7075 aluminum. We engrave our script "Phil: into each stem cap and hand paint them just like our hubs. Each headset is machined in-house to the same high quality standards we apply to all of our products.Specifications:

Headset material7075 Aluminum
Crown race materialHeat Treated Stainless steel
Headset size1"
Upper stack height15.5 mm
Lower stack height13 mm
Head tube inner diameter33.9 - 33.95 mm
Crown race seat diameter30 mm
Bearing availability45/45 Standard Phil Spec Bearing, 100% Phil Waterproof grease fill
Headset weight144 grams
All stem cap covers, top covers, upper and lower bearing cups and crown races are machined out of US-produced materials.