Phil Wood Bearing - PWX92 (Generic ID - 6902)

Phil Wood Bearing - PWX92 (Generic ID - 6902)

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These Phil Wood bearings are the ultimate in high-endurance bearings. They are filled with 100% Phil waterproof grease, ensuring maximum durability, and are specially manufactured for Phil Wood to their own exacting specifications including race tolerance, surface honing, ball tolerance, bearing material, gap dimensions and seal specifications.

Phil Wood bearings can be used to replace bearings found in many other cycling manufacturers parts.  Please visit the Phil Wood website to see the descriptions of the part numbers to determine which bearings may best meet your needs.

Note: These bearings are sold individually. 

American made in USA (U.S.A.)

Inner Dimension 15mm
Outer Dimension 28mm
Width 7mm
Generic ID 6902