Phil Wood Track Cog - 1/8 inch - 12 Tooth

Phil Wood Track Cog - 1/8 inch - 12 Tooth

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At AVT, we consider it a privilege to offer you the ultimate quality of this Phil Wood cog.

Phil's track cogs are made from triple heat-treated, carefully selected Stainless Steel.  Phil's triple heat treating is an important part of the process of bringing you the ultimate track cog.  The first heat treatment brings the the metal into a known, workable state and provides verification that the material meets the high standards that Phil Wood demands.  The second phase is done after machining and stabilizes the freshly machined cog.  Then the final heat treating process hardens the cog teeth.

Phil Wood meticulously selects only aircraft grade material for their track cogs.  Very few grades of Stainless Steel qualify to become a Phil Wood cog.  The material is so good that it's the same grade of metal used in the landing gear of jumbo jets.

Phil Wood's commitment to the best materials, precision machining, and their extensive heat treating process provides you with a world class track cog that's strong, long lasting, corrosion resistant, and a component you'll be proud to have on your bike.

Phil Wood recommends using their track cogs with their track hubs, as they are machined to work together seamlessly. Other track cogs on the market often have varied widths, sometimes resulting in a cog that is too wide for the threads on the track hubs which can lead to less than complete engagement of the lock ring and thread stripping from the hub.

American made in USA (U.S.A.)

Number of Teeth 12
Width 1/8 inch
Weight 27.5 grams
Material Stainless Steel
Cog Threading 1.370 inches diameter, 24 threads per inch