AVT Works ENVE SES 5.6 Wheelset

AVT Works ENVE SES 5.6 Wheelset

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Product Description

What's New?
The SES 5.6 is the evolution of the proven SES 4.5. By implementing the latest SES technologies, the SES 5.6 is not only faster than its predecessor, but also more stable and confidence inspiring in challenging wind conditions. 

Other changes include tubeless tire compatibility for improved traction, rolling efficiency, and less flat tires ENVE 5.6 are made in Ogden, Utah and backed by a five-year warranty.

Who's It For?
Road racers and triathletes looking to maximize speed and efficiency through class leading aerodynamics paired with rolling resistance defying road tubeless technology.

Why Did ENVE Make It?
The purpose of a mid depth aero wheel is to strike the perfect balance between speed, and stability. The SES 4.5 certainly checked off those boxes and has been a cornerstone in the SES wheel lineup since it launched in 2014. Today the SES 5.6 steps in to pick up where the SES 4.5 leaves off. The SES 5.6 features the latest SES rim shapes to squeeze every last bit of drag reduction out of the wheel system. To further improve the efficiency, the SES 5.6 is tubeless compatible allowing discerning riders to run the thefastest tubeless tires on the market.

Rim Weight: Front 489g Rear 513g
Depth: Front 54mm  Rear 63mm
Width: Front 29mm Rear 28mm
Hole Count: Front 20h Rear 24h

Estimated weight with Chris King R45 hubs 1550g

Available as custom wheel build's with Chris King, White Industries or Phil Wood hubs in any stock color starting from $2550.

Please note that this product can only be shipped to a USA address.

Expected shipping date end September.