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Bling Build 2: Kellans Chris Cross

AVT staff member Kellan was lucky enough to get his hands on one of the first batch of new Fat Chance Chris Cross frames so he wasted no time in putting together this stunning build and PAINT! We're loving the local Oregon flavor on this one complete with Chris King headset and Rolf wheels. 

Here's what he had to say about it...

“I wanted something unique so for paint I reached out to Sara Slawta (Land Shark) and told her I really like the Stickman from Fat City Cycles back in the day, but to surprise me, with the caveat that I'm not the biggest fan of the color pink. 

After I saw how great the frame looked I reached out to ESI who have made custom grips for me before and told them to come up with something wild to keep with the theme. 

Rounding out the build I went with parts I know always work: 

  • White Industries G30 crank, with mismatched extractor bolts and White Industries BSA BB.
  • Chris King headset in Matte Slate; 
  • Thomson cockpit, including their new dirt drops; 
  • Brooks C15 saddle; 
  • Donnelly PDX tires, great for racing cx in the PNW; 
  • Rolf wheels were great to deal with being a semi-local company; 
  • Lastly I have always wanted a bike with Shimano Di2 so this was the perfect time. With a bit of a delay on the hydraulic calipers from Shimano the bike is photographed with TRP brakes for now.”

Sea Otter Images courtesy of:

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Shopping Cart Issues on IOS / Safari

Since we launched the new website a month or so back we've been working to fix a few bugs. One of which was emptying the shopping cart when going through the checkout process using Safari on an IOS device (ie iPhone / iPad).

After some extensive testing we've uncovered the cause...

When we launched the new website we also switched to a fully secure site (with all URL's using HTTPS). For some users that had stored a cookie on Safari from the old site, we suspect this then causes the shopping cart to empty on the new site.

The fix for this is simply to clear your browser cache in the Safari settings in your IOS device as follows.

1. Go to Settings and then Safari:

2. Click on Advanced.

3. Click on Website Data.

4. Select "" by clicking the red circle to the left of it.

5. Select "Delete" to clear the cache just for our website.

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AVT.Bike Will Not Pass On White Industries Price Increases!

Our friends at White Industries recently put out the following statement (below) regarding a pricing surcharge due to increased raw materials costs as a result of recently imposed tariffs. At AVT our entire business is built around brands that manufacture in the USA and we're proud to support this.

As a result we at AVT will not be passing on any price increases to you the end consumer... White Industries prices will stay the same for the foreseeable future. We love what White Industries are doing, and consider their products to be not only incredibly well designed and engineered, but also great value for money.

As an added bonus you can also get further discounts on certain White Industries products including CLD & XMR hub pairs, and G30 cranks as part of our CROSSISCOMING August Sale. Shop the entire sale here.

White Industries Statement:

"We wanted to give you guys an update on some changes you will be seeing for hopefully a short period.

TARIFF surcharge

In your recent orders you may have noticed there is a now a line item that says, "TARIFF SURCHARGE: USA COMMODITY INCREASE DUE TO RECENTLY IMPOSED TARIFFS."

The surcharge is due to severe increases in material and bearing costs. Despite using US made aluminum, steel, and titanium, we have still seen an increase of well over 28% in raw material cost alone. For this reason we have had to start attaching a 4% surcharge on all orders. Rather than increasing our prices, the tariff surcharge is listed making it easy for us to adjust or hopefully eliminate this surcharge when/if the tariff situation stabilizes. Thank you for understanding."


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White Industries Spyshots! New XTR 12sp Freehub.

We love watching our suppliers hustle to develop product to meet new standards. 

Image: Shimano XTR M9100 Groupset.

Ever since Shimano launched their new 12sp XTR M9100 groupset earlier in the year the question on all of our minds has been when Chris King, White Industries and others will have a compatible driveshell (or freehub as some might say). 

While Shimano's top of the range MTB groupset is an engineering masterpiece, lets face it, if you want the best wheels to go with it you build a set with a top quality pair of hubs like Chris King, White Ind, Phil Wood or Paul. It's one of the advantages of designing and manufacturing high quality parts right here in the USA that allows these companies to rapidly adapt to new standards (in many cases by simply developing a part that fits to their existing product).. AND at the same time provide backward's compatibility for old standards.

This week we were excited to see some spy shots on the White Industries Instagram of what looks to be a finished prototype XTR Microspline freehub. Official word from White is that they are indeed working on this and hope to have it ready to launch when new XTR goes on sale (rumored to be delayed beyond this October).

Stay tuned to AVT's Newsletter and social channels to be first to hear about this when it does go on general sale.

Image: Shimano XTR Microspline Freehub.

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CROSSISCOMING Single Speed CX Conversion - Part 2

In part 1 of this conversion project I started out by looking at the various options for converting my non-single speed Canyon CX bike into a dedicated single-speed rig for this CX season. After measuring the chain-line it looked like my preferred option of using the White Industries ENO Disc hub would work, just needed to give this all a dry run fitted to the bike before pulling the trigger on the rear wheel build.

1- Checking the fit of the hub, freewheel and chain.

A quick dry run using the un-boxed rear hub, White Industries freewheel and a KMC 8 Speed chain proved the whole set up went together nicely and the chain line worked well on both of the freewheel sprockets. Next up the wheel build.

2- Rebuilding the old rear wheel with a new White Industries ENO Eccentric hub.

I decided against a completely new wheel build for this, for one thing this bike will only get used for 3-4 months of the year, but also with MTB standards moving to Boost I had a perfectly good set of carbon Halo Vapour 29er wheels sitting around gathering dust. Its also one of the advantages of using hand built wheels in the first place (rather than a factory built wheel with proprietary hubs / spokes), is that it gives you the flexibility to re build around new hubs / standards while keeping a perfectly good rim.

So the rear wheel was re-built by our #AVTWorks team to swap out the old SRAM XD 142x12 hub with the new White Industries ENO one.

3- Putting it all together for the final build.

The rest of the project was pretty straightforward from here on in. Once the rear brake was set up using the White Industries Eccentric caliper mount (paired to a set of single speed specific TRP Hylex RS brakes) everything else went back on the bike including some wide WTB Nano 40mm tires (great for those early season dry, dusty and bumpy courses where they don't measure your tires!), Ritchey cockpit and some MASH bartape.

        If you're thinking of your own conversion for CX season or have any other product related questions contact us and we'd love to help you out!

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