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As you might have seen, black axles and end caps have been available up to now only on Chris King Matte hubs, or as an optional upgrade.

But new for 2019, Chris King will now be shipping all hub colors with the exception of SILVER with the black axles, axle clamps, end caps and driveshell.

Matte Punch Boost AB hub shown with both black parts (standard) and silver parts (custom).

So good news all round for fans of the black parts, but we're all about customization here at AVT, so if you are still looking for a pair of Chris King hubs in any color with the silver parts (or a pair of Silver hubs with black parts for that matter!) we've added that as an option AT NO EXTRA CHARGE! 

A pair of new gloss black Centerlock R45 hubs, previously available with silver parts as standard, now with black parts.

Just contact us once you've placed your order if you'd like to change the parts color - and please allow a few extra days for hub assembly before shipping.

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