Chris King ENVE M525 Wheelset

Chris King ENVE M525 Wheelset

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Product Description

The patented Chris King RingDrive with 72-points of simultaneous-engagement for ISO and 45-points for the R45D will get your power to the ground fast, provide unmatched engagement, and give you that legendary Chris King angry-bee sound.

The Ride:  
You might just forget you have wheels with these lightweight, agile, scalpels. Built to our ISO or R45D hubs, riding ENVE M525 rims feel like youve gained a sixth sense and lost ten pounds. These rims are at home in lightning quick singletrack and adventurous all road pursuits, but no matter which way you chose to wield them, your friends wont be able to keep up. 

The Rims:
The ENVE M525 is lightweight, without compromise. ENVEs new wide hookless bead design provides improved pinch flat resistance, increases durability and allows you to run lower pressure. Designed for small volume mountain tires and mid to high volume road tires, the M525 is a stout carbon wheel capable of rugged cross country descents and marathon climbs. ENVE M525s are made in Ogden, Utah and backed by a five-year warranty. Tubeless ready to reduce weight and rolling resistance, in addition to providing a more supple ride with increased traction.

The Hubs:
Chris King ISO hubs are designed as precision mountain tools. We use one-piece solid axles to provide a stiff hub with rail accurate steering, transferring every minute adjustment you make to the trail. To thwart mud, water, and contaminants as you power through rough trails, ISO hubs have heavy-duty bearing seals, and a threaded driveshell seal ring.

For road applications the Chris King R45D is available in 6-bolt and Centerlock. The R45D is the culmination of over 30 years of bearing experience and more than 20 years of hub building experience. Our R45 rear hub combines a redesigned RingDrive system with 45 teeth, for lower drag and near instant engagement, a lightweight hub body, and our legendary made-in-house bearings.

Our bearings, available in steel and ceramic, surgical grade steel races that are machined simultaneously to ensure perfectly matched inner and outer races. The quality and speed of our bearings are what sets us apart from the competition and they are what you will feel and notice on every single ride. As Chris King bearing tracks burnish they get faster with age and all our hubs and bearings are fully serviceable for years upon years of demanding use.

  • Built in-house with legendary Chris King precision 
  • Chris King R45D, R45D Centerlock, ISO SD or ISO B front hub
  • Chris King R45D, R45D Centerlock, ISO or ISO B rear hub
  • Centerlock Lock ring sold separately and required for installation
  • US made ENVE M525 carbon rims chosen for their light weight, durability, and performance oriented and handling characteristics
  • ENVE Tubeless Tape and Valve Kit included with this wheelset
  • ENVE color matched wheel decal kits available for additional purchase separately
  • Chris King-backed 5-year warranty on our hubs 
  • Chris King-backed 5-year crash replacement policy
  • ENVE-backed 5-year warranty on rims 
Approved/Recommended Tires
  • Mavic Tubeless Tires >28mm
  • Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless Easy 28mm
  • Schwalbe G One Speed Tubeless Easy 30mm
  • Maxxis Padrone Tubeless Ready 28mm
  • Hutchinson Sector Tubeless 28 or 32mm
  • Hutchinson Intensive 2 Tubeless 28mm

Incompatible/Not Recommended Tires
  • Specialized S-Works Turbo 2Bliss Ready 28mm
  • Any Tube-Type/Non-Tubeless Tires

  • Rim: ENVE M525
  • Wheel Size: 29"/700
  • Rim Type: Tubeless
  • External Width (mm): 33.5
  • Internal Width (mm): 25
  • Rim Depth (mm): 25
  • Hub Configuration: 24/24 R45D; ISO SD; ISO B
  • HUB Options: Shimano or XD, QR/12mm; QR/15mm; 15x110; 135QR/142x12mm/148x12mm
  • Spokes: Sapim CX Ray
  • Nipples: ENVE Internal
  • Lacing Pattern: 2-Cross
  • Rim Weight (g): 349
  • Front Wheel Weight (g): 629
  • Rear Wheel Weight (g): 786
  • Total Wheel Weight (g): 1415