Chris King Front 20mm Thru Axle ISO Disc Hub, 32 hole Navy Blue

Chris King Front 20mm Thru Axle ISO Disc Hub, 32 hole Navy Blue

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Product Description


At AVT, we are honored to offer this 20mm thru-axle hub to you as an authorized Chris King Dealer.

As with all of their Precision Components, Chris King wanted this 20mm thru-axle hub to be the best hub that you could possibly buy. Their design concept is simple but strict, and the engineers at Chris King definitely delivered. The Chris King 20mm hub has a one piece, super strong axle that can be adjusted while out on the bike with just a single don't even need to remove your wheel. Many other 20mm hubs make you adjust the hub bearings by clamping the fork legs together, and others have no adjustment at all. This Chris King 20mm hub makes adjustment super easy with a common hex wrench.

Chris King had to design an entirely new bearing for this hub, a bearing that's bigger than anything else out there. They're the toughest bearings possible and they secure the axle like no other 20mm hub. And the axle is special too...its high strength, 110mm one-piece aluminum design includes a stainless steel axle biter end cap on each side for maximum grab onto your fork.

This hub is ISO disc standard compatible too. No disc adapters are needed to install most any modern bicycle brake system.

This Chris King 20mm hub is very light, just 207 grams. If you want a hub that will build an excellent wheel, is strong and reliable, easy to adjust and looks great too, only the legendary quality of this Chris King 20mm thru-axle hub will do.

Match this front hub up with the ISO Disc rear hub for the most awesome hub set available. The meticulous craftsmanship of these hubs makes them a precision component that you will be proud to own for years to come.

American made in USA (U.S.A.)

Weight 207 grams
Flange diameter (d/nd -mm) 57.4
Center to Flange (d/nd - mm) 31.6/23.3
Axle width 110mm
Axle diameter 20mm
Drillings 32 or 36
Warranty 5 years