Chris King Front Universal Disc Hub, Standard QR, 32 hole - Black

Chris King Front Universal Disc Hub, Standard QR, 32 hole - Black

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Product Description


We are honored to offer this hub to you as an authorized Chris King dealer.

You probably already know about the legendary quality of Chris King components. In summary, they are the best. Very few people would disagree with that. Whether a front or rear hub, headset, or any other product by Chris King, you will not find a better component for your bike. Each one is a work of art and a component of precision craftsmanship that you will be extremely proud to have on your bike.

This Universal Disc hub provides you with versatility and quality unlike any other hub.

Here are the adapters available for this Chris King Universal disc hub:

Brake System Front Rear 135mm Rear 140mm Rear 145mm
Amp PHB00111 PHB00408 PHB00413 PHB00421
Coda/Cannondale PHB00211 PHB00214 PHB00219 PHB00224
Hayes PHB00413 PHB00412 PHB00417 PHB00422
Hope PHB00313 PHB00311 PHB00316 PHB00321
Magura Gustav PHB00408 PHB00411 PHB00416 PHB00421
Magura Louise PHB00411 PHB00411 PHB00416 PHB00421
Rock Shox PHB00111 PHB00408 PHB00413 PHB00418
Sachs PHB00411 PHB00411 PHB00416 PHB00421

The above disc adapters are sold separately. Please add $34.00 to your order if you would like a disc adapter.

Choose this Universal Disc hub when you want to use a brake system that is non-ISO standard compliant, if you have special spacing requirements, or want extra versatility. Otherwise, the Chris King ISO Disc hub is likely to be a better choice because no adapter is needed, and the ISO Disc hub offers weight savings as well.

American made in USA (U.S.A.)

Weight 150 grams (including adapter- approximately 195g)
Warranty 5 years