Chris King ISO AB 110x15mm Axle End

Chris King ISO AB 110x15mm Axle End

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Product Description

The Chris King ISO AB Axle End allows the new ISO AB boost front hub to be switched from either Torque Caps or the 110x20mm Boost to 110x15mm Boost.

Installation on an ISO AB Hub:

1. Loosen the adjustment clamp bolt.  This will make removal of the non-disc side easier.
2. Take a long punch, wooden dowl, or similar item, and insert it through either end of the axle.
3. With the tool, press on the inner lip of the insert while holding the shell.  The insert should pop out.
4. Repeat for the opposite side.
1. Prep the insert and axle by rubbing anti-seize, or assembly lube on the axle/insert interface.
2. Press the insert into the axle.

Note: These are available in both Silver and Black (no photos of the silver version right now).