Chris King Pepper Hubshaker - Mango

Chris King Pepper Hubshaker - Mango

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Product Description


Chris King® Salt and Pepper hub shell shakers are the perfect way to rescue hub shakers that refused to conform to the exacting precision standard that Chris King® has for every one of their hubs.

Help reassign them to a life that is more suited to their non-conformist tendencies, and put a unique item on your dinner table at the same time.

These shakers are not always available, and even then, only in certain colors.  The ones that are available have either a silver top for salt or a black top for pepper.  Each shaker is sold separately.  Mix or match, and if you buy two, you can always swap the tops according to your preference.

We're only charging the same price as the factory to get the few shakers that are available distributed throughout the world.   Supplies are very limited, and these make a great gift for the cycling enthusiast.

Supplies are very limited.  Hubshakers are non-returnable, and may vary in color and/or shape