Mention the name Chris King to a group of cyclists, and at least one will sound off with a story about the value and virtues of a beloved sealed bearing component.

That’s Chris King Precision Components, and since 1976 they’ve made bicycle components people want to talk about. Over the years, we’ve heard many tales of how a headset went from bike frame to bike frame, or of a hubset surviving seemingly intolerable conditions. Some who have chosen Chris King components have stories to tell of Tour de France podiums, others of World Championships in the dirt, but most are the tales of daily rides and a passion for the bicycle. They are forever proud of the new bike build stories that begin with a Chris King headset as the lone, written-in-indelible-ink certainty. Each of these accounts reflects a reverence for their values, honored by every one.

Chris King components are the calling card of a loyalty club; those who know are welcomed and respected by those who know. A touch of color pressed into the head tube or that distinctive angry bee hub sound is all the introduction one needs upon meeting a fellow rider. This loyalty, built over four decades, would not be possible without a bedrock belief in the standards of value, quality, and performance. These are values shared with you at every step of the design and manufacturing process.

Chris King Precision Components is a performance bicycle component manufacturer based in Portland, OR. Since 1976 they have been domestically producing bicycle parts of the highest quality. With a disciplined approach to manufacturing which includes rigorous quality control and highly developed production protocols that inform each component that leaves their facility.

Chris King understand that to maintain the level of quality requires each and every aspect of their products to be held to the highest standard. They choose to source raw materials from domestic mills because of the consistent quality and integrity of production that they offer which cannot be found anywhere else. Throughout their production history Chris King have made the choice to enact environmentally sound manufacturing practices and have worked to apply eco friendly principals to every part of the business. Consumers recognize their dedication to the value of quality and we have seen the consistent growth in demand for Chris King products in both domestic and international markets.


Chris King are fiercely independent, incorruptible by passing trends or fads. Careful consideration drives their actions and patience with new product and process introductions.


Chris King are underpinned by quality craftsmanship and premium material selection. Uncompromising fit and finish standards support a lasting brand appreciation and appreciation of the beauty in creative and elegant solutions.


A strong community focus and authentic good will underpins Chris King's actions. It starts with their employees and extends through many local, regional & national advocacy commitments. They recognize a responsibility to the local and global community, openly sharing their knowledge, point of view, and philosophy.

The Bicycle

Chris King's journey began with a passion for bicycling, admiring the adventurous spirit of the world’s cyclists and remaining inspired to join them. They embrace the competitive nature of the sport of cycling across all disciplines and abilities, holding the achievements of anonymous personal effort with equal value as victory at the international level.

Finally here's a great in depth interview with me man himself Chris King talking about how he got started in the industry, bearing standards and more.