Hub Maintenance Kit for Chris King Rear R45 Hubs with Steel Bearings

Hub Maintenance Kit for Chris King Rear R45 Hubs with Steel Bearings

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Congratulations on your purchase of a Chris King R45 Hub!

Chris King hubs are covered by a 5 year warranty. Besides the occasional adjustment, the only service required is cleaning and lubricating the RingDrive and re-lubricating the bearings. In normal and dry conditions your hubs should be maintained every 6-12 months, and in wet or muddy conditions every 3 months.

Water is the most common cause of problems with any sealed bearing. Chris King hubs are designed to operate with some water intrusion, and although the stainless steel bearings will resist water induced corrosion, the lubricant will eventually deteriorate, which leads to premature bearing wear and possible failure. High pressure spray washing, transporting or riding the bicycle in the rain, or submersion in water can lead to lubricant contamination by water.

If when servicing your bearings you encounter damage, these are the kits you'll need to replace Snaprings and Seals, and the RingDrive Lube is perfect for lubricating any bearings.

As always, consult the owners manual that came with your hub, or visit the Chris King website for questions and procedures.

The Rear R45 Hub Maintenance Kit includes:
  • PHB566 Chris King Seal and SnapRing Kit
  • THB003 Chris King RingDrive Lube, 1.2oz bottle

Compatible only with Rear R45 hubs.