Phil Wood Rear High Flange SLR Hub - Fixed/Freewheel - 32 hole - 120mm - Silver

Phil Wood Rear High Flange SLR Hub - Fixed/Freewheel - 32 hole - 120mm - Silver

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Product Description


At AVT, we consider it a privilege to offer you the ultimate quality of this Phil Wood hub.

When you're rolling on these super smooth, Phil Wood track hubs, you'll know that you've made absolutely no sacrifice or compromise in choosing your equipment.

Phil Woods famous bearings make riding this hub like gliding on air. Phil Wood hub shells are machined using CNC (Computer Numeric Control) lathes so your hub arrives to you exactly the way Phil intended it to be. Great care is taken every step of the way to make sure your hub meets the extremely high standards that Phil Wood demands. And for all of you weight-obsessed gram counters, this one's 14 grams lighter due to the slots drilled into the flange.

After the hub shell is crafted, the spoke holes are placed perpendicular to the surface of the flanges. Then, a coining operation takes place. This cold forging process compresses the metal around the spoke holes, forming an ideal seat for the spoke heads. Once the hub shell is heat treated, precision machining of the interior of the hub is performed. Only after checks and double checks is the Phil signature logo cold forged into the hub shell. The bearings and axle are installed and checked, and a final polish by hand completes Phil's meticulous manufacturing process.

Phil's high tensile strength axle has stainless steel bolts and washers (8 x 1.25mm), and Phil's bearings provide you with durability and an amazingly smooth ride that's as friction-free as it can be.

Match this front hub up with one of Phil's rear track hubs for a hub set that will take you smoothly around the track for years to come.

American made in USA (U.S.A.)

Weight 382g
Spoke Hole Diameter 67.0mm
Axle width 120mm
Axle type Bolt On
Drillings 32, 36
Warranty Phil Wood Guarantee