Phil Wood Stainless Steel Bottom Bracket - ISO/Campagnolo Taper (All Sizes)

Phil Wood Stainless Steel Bottom Bracket - ISO/Campagnolo Taper (All Sizes)

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Product Description

Phil Wood bottom brackets are absolutely legendary.  While others claim to offer the ultimate bottom bracket, only Phil Wood has actually done it.

This bottom bracket features Phil's 17mm proprietary U.S. produced heat-treated stainless steel spindle. This special spindle provides you with maximum durability and an absolute minimum amount of flex. The Phil Wood sealed cartridge bearings have the same seals as those used in submersible pump bearings. This integral one piece shell seals out contamination, keeping your bearings super smooth.  Phil's unique trademark cupped flats provide superior crank arm retention.

For compatibility, Phil Wood bottom brackets are built with cartridges that have standard offsets. Phil's cartridge cups provide an additional 5mm of chain line adjustment so you can get your chain line just right. The cartridge cups are available in British, French, Italian, and Swiss threading so you can install this Phil Wood bottom bracket on practically any bike. Chater Lea and Raleigh Super Corsa cartridge cups are also available.

American made in USA (U.S.A.)

Please note that this BB also requires Phil Wood cartridge cups which are sold separately (just add these using the drop down on the Right).  Please specify the threading you require.   

You'll also need a Phil Wood installation tool and Wrench.

Additionally you can also select to add Cartridge Cap Mudguards using the drop down on the right, while these are not essentially we highly recommend them for keeping the bearings in the best possible condition and adding a splash of color to your ride!

Spindle Material Heat-treated stainless steel
Cartridge Material Aluminum
Spindle Diameter 17mm
Taper Compatibility ISO/Campagnolo (1994 & newer Campagnolo cranks)
Spindle Length (mm) See below for full list
Cartridge Width 68-73mm 
Offset Symmetrical, R(Right) + various (indicated alongside spindle length)

Part Number Description Length (mm) Offset (mm) Weight
BRSC2S 63/68  mm Campagnolo/ISO Taper 102 Sym 192
BRSC3S 63/68  mm Campagnolo/ISO Taper 103 Sym 196
BRSC5S 63/68  mm Campagnolo/ISO Taper 105 Sym 199
BRSC8S 68/73  mm Campagnolo/ISO Taper 108 Sym 208
BRSD0S 68/73  mm Campagnolo/ISO Taper 110.5 Sym 208
BRSD0R 68/73  mm CampagnoloISO Taper 110.5 R+3 208
BRSD5S 68/73  mm Campagnolo/ISO Taper 115 Sym 221
BRSD5R 68/73  mm Campagnolo/ISO Taper 115 R+5 221
BRSE0S 68/73  mm Campagnolo/ISO Taper 120 Sym 228
BRSE0R 68/73  mm Campagnolo/ISO Taper 120 R+4 228
BRSE4S 68/73  mm Campagnolo/ISO Taper 124 Sym 235
BRSF0S 68/73 mm Campagnolo/ISO Taper 130 Sym 247