Single Speed Kit w/ Ti Lock Ring- All Chris King Parts - Includes cog of your choice

Single Speed Kit w/ Ti Lock Ring- All Chris King Parts - Includes cog of your choice

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Product Description

Single Speed Kit, with Titanium Lock Ring...
an awesome upgrade!

For Chris King Rear Classic or ISO Disc hubs. Also fits any Shimano compatible 8, 9, or 10 speed hub.

(Hub not included)

If you've been wanting a single speed, there's no need to buy a new hub or rebuild your wheel. Just remove the existing cassette from your Chris King Classic or ISO Disc hub, or any Shimano compatible 8, 9, or 10 speed hub, and install this kit in just a couple of minutes. Slip the spacers and cog right on and tighten the Chris King titanium lock ring.

This kit comes with all the parts you'll need, including 7 spacers, a 12-tooth titanium lock ring, and the cog of your choice. All parts are made by Chris King so you know they're good!

Your choice of Chris King stainless steel cog is included with this kit... please choose above.

Although we usually have all sizes of cogs in stock from 12 to 20 tooth, it is possible that we may be out of a particular size from time to time. We'll confirm your order and let you know right away if the cog you would like is not in stock.

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Complete Kit Weight Individual Component Weights
Cog Size Total Weight of Kit (grams) Cog (grams) Spacers (grams)
Set of 7
Lock Ring (grams)
12 38.5 18 12.5 8.0
13 42.5 22 12.5 8.0
14 48.5 28 12.5 8.0
15 54.5 34 12.5 8.0
16 52.5 32 12.5 8.0
17 58.5 38 12.5 8.0
18 59.5 39 12.5 8.0
19 60.5 40 12.5 8.0
20 62.5 42 12.5 8.0

Like all other Chris King components, each component in this kit is the best you can buy. Precision made, and as always, legendary Chris King quality.

Please note that this kit will not convert your hub into the exact same hub as a Chris King Single Speed hub. True Single Speed hubs have a very narrow drive shell that will only accept one cog, and a different hub shell housing as well. This kit does allow you to easily use your hub as a single speed, and you can always convert it back at any time. You can also easily adjust your chain line simply by arranging the spacers on your drive shell as needed.

American made in USA (U.S.A.)