AVT Custom Wheels from Chris King, ENVE, BOYD, White Industries and more

Here at AVT we take wheels VERY seriously! And for good reason.. with so many different combinations of hub, spoke, rim, tire and more they have a huge impact on your ride quality.

Our AVTWORKS custom wheelbuild program lets you fine tune the build to the smallest detail when it comes to not only parts choice (ie rim, hub, spoke, nipple) but also endless color combinations. Combine this with over 35 years of wheelbuilding experience and you're guaranteed a killer pair of wheels for your next ride.

Factory built wheels from Chris King, ENVE and others are indicated by the product name which starts with the brand that builds the wheels; EG "Chris King ENVE G-Series" is built by Chris King, whereas "ENVE G-Series Industry Nine" is built by ENVE (and so on). Anything with "AVT Works" is custom built by our in house wheelbuilder.

If you're looking for something rare or special that you can't find listed on our website please contact us and we can get you a quote.