White Industries ENO Freewheel Cog - 18 Tooth, 3/32 inch

White Industries ENO Freewheel Cog - 18 Tooth, 3/32 inch

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Product Description


Freewheels have been considered a disposable component that should be replaced on a regular basis.White Industries have changed all that by creating a freewheel that is durable, reliable, and easily maintained.

This ENO freewheel utilizes a sealed cartridge bearing instead of a loose ball system and is sealed from the elements such as mud, grit, and water. Another benefit of the sealed cartridge bearing is that the bearing is nicely contained in one simple unit and easily pulled and replaced when worn.

The ENO freewheel features a machined inner driver and machined and case hardened outer gear case resulting in a freewheel that runs concentrically without the tight and loose spots common to other freewheels.

Thread size 1.37 x 24 tpi
Bearing 1 x 6808
Engagement 36 points
Weight 177 grams
Chain 8 speed 3/32

Made in the USA