White Industries Integrated Headset

White Industries Integrated Headset

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Product Description


White Industries always strives to make the highest quality products and their Headsets are no exception. 

This product has been designed with the user in mind in a few ways. Easy to service, clean, and adjust your headset. For durability, our headsets are made with stainless steel bearings to give you corrosion resistance and strength. All this has been done to create a headset you can rely on wherever your bike takes you.

Available colors; Silver, Black


Integrated top size: 41mm, 42MM 
Steer size top: 1 1/8" 
Top weight with star nut: 48g Star nut weight: 10g 
Bearing: 440c stainless steel 36x45 
stack height: 9mm S.H.I.S: IS41/28.6 
Colors Available: black or silver

Integrated Bottom size: 41mm 42mm 52mm 
Steer size bottom: 1 1/8" 1 1/4"* 1 1/2 
Bottom weight: IS 41mm 24g IS 52mm 30g
Bearing: 440c stainless steel 36x45
Bottom stack height: 1mm S.H.I.S: IS41/30 IS52/33 IS52/40 
Colors Available: black and silver 
* adapter crown race ring may be used for configurations