Phil Wood KISS-Off Rear Disc MTB Hub

Phil Wood KISS-Off Rear Disc MTB Hub

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Product Description

At AVT, we consider it a privilege to offer you the ultimate quality of this Phil Wood hub.

KISS Off stands for Keep It Single Speed Off Road. The KISS Off rear hubs have zero dish rear spacing. This provides equal spoke length and spoke tension on both sides of the wheel. All Phil KO rear fixed gear hubs are supplied with the lockring and have standard bolt axles.

Phil Woods famous bearings make riding this hub like gliding on air. Phil Wood hub shells are machined using CNC (Computer Numeric Control) lathes so your hub arrives to you exactly the way Phil intended it to be. Great care is taken every step of the way to make sure your hub meets the extremely high standards that Phil Wood demands.

American made in USA (U.S.A.)