Phil Wood Stainless Steel Track / Single Speed Axle

Phil Wood Stainless Steel Track / Single Speed Axle

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Product Description


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Phil Wood Stainless Steel (Classic) rear axle, for use on Classic Track hubs (either 120mm or 130mm width).

The Classic rear Track hubs come with a stainless steel axle, bolts, lock ring(s), heat-treated end caps and washers, and our standard R8 bearings (low drag Carbonyte bearings are an upgradable option). Classic rear track hubs are available in the following configurations: single fixed, double fixed, single fixed and freewheel, single freewheel, and double freewheel.

This axle is combined with the folloing different sized end caps to work for both 120mm track or 130mm single speed applications.

Weight = 85g.

American made in USA (U.S.A.)